GERDA lock decoder | pick tool, GERDA TITAN ZX locksmith tool is invented by LUCKYLOCKS.

In 2012, Luckylocks created and launched the world’s first tool for non-destructive unlocking of Gerda ZX locks. These locks have a high degree of protection and security. They are certified to withstand various methods of unlocking manipulations such as “bump, impression, pick, drill”.

The dizzying number of possible combinations of this lock is 2 000 000, which virtually makes it impossible to unlock it with a randomly selected key!

After a number of attempts, we discovered a method of emergency unlocking, where there are no keys available or when an opening without any damage either to the door or to the lock is necessary.

Because of the complexity of our method, training on how to use it is mandatory. If the locksmith has deep knowledge of Gerda Tytan lock’s mechanism, then this class is dispensable. For ordinary users we offer a comprehensive course, in which they will get familiar with the Gerda Titan device along with the unlocking method.

Our unlocking method is based on the direct decoding! The procedure is ” lock friendly ” and, after the opening, the lock remains in working condition!! To get further details, please contact us.

Luckylocks AD provides servicing and maintenance of the tools that you have purchased from us.

The use of locksmiths for illicit purposes shall be entirely at your own risk!

GERDA Lock Decoder | Pick Tool

Gerda Tytan ZX Locks Decoder