Gerda Tytan ZX Locks Decoder


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Professional Gerda Decoder – Locksmith Tool for Gerda Tytan ZX Locks


Gerda Tytan ZX Locks Decoder is a professional locksmith tool for Gerda Tytan ZX locks.


DISCOVER THE “WHITE PINS” – With our bore scope look inside the lock and then write down the white pins in the chart. All white pins make code 1. Gerda Tytan models have 4 codes.

code 1

Now the only thing you have to do is to discover pins’ code 4. It’s easy to do by looking at the top of the pins. The 4. code pins have a different “head”.

Now you know code 1 and code 4.

The codes 2 and 3 can be opened by mounting a medium code on our set up key. Because the tolerance between codes 2 and 3 is minor, our tool can turn the lock once you have built the set up key with code X at the correct spots.

Once the set up key is done just insert and turn the lock.

General instructive photo of Gerda Tytan lock parts, pins, codes …

For more details, contact us.

Gerda Tytan series locks contain 12 pins with 4 possible depths each. Thanks to that the virtual code possibilities are over 4 millions.

The pins have also anti-pick shape and so the traditional pick techniques are useless. However we have discovered a method to read the lock code and to make the opening without an original key possible.

The procedure is easy to learn and apply.

The method is NON-DISRUPTIVE – we use direct decoding!

The time to apply the decoding procedure is approximately 10 – 15 minutes.

Thanks to our SET UP key the user can open and lock those GERDAs  as many times as they want.

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