Turbodecoder SET-UP Devices


Turbodecoder SET-UP Devices

There are specific set-up devices for the turbodecoder instruments we produce. If you need a spare one – let us know the model and the serial number of your turbo decoder and we will send you a calibrated SET-UP tool.

*Note that every model of Turbo Decoder needs a SPECIAL set-up tool, which guarantees correct work. If you mix them by mistake – look at the indications, engraved on each tool we provide.

Example: Turbo decoder HU101 needs its own set-up tool, marked with the HU101 sign! Do not use any other tool!

The set-up tools are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and have our logo LuckyLocks on them. In this way we provide you with a precise pin calibration necessary for the opening process.

The use of any different tools for setting up the pins can damage your turbo decoder. Please be careful!