Turbo Decoder Service | Pins


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Turbo Decoder Service | Pins

Turbo decoder service | pins – very small and precise parts, which slide into the lock and find its code. This is possible thanks to the automatic self impressioning method.

After many openings or when the operator performs the procedure incorrectly, those pins can brake or loose their traction resistance. Then we can send you spare pins and full video instructions how to change them.

Provide us with your turbo decoder model and the SILCA code engraved on the back side of your tool.

Example: TURBO DECODER VAG HU66 2/X – Here HU66 is the silca reference we need. The professionals know that this code is for all VAG locks /HU66/, and that the number / 2 / indicates the turbodecoder generation.

We support only original Turbodecoder products.