Turbo Decoder Service PIN or GATE BAR


Turbo Decoder Service PIN or GATE BAR

TURBO DECODER pin or gate bar is a part of the tool with fundamental importance!

When the user performs the procedure incorrectly, the gate bar suffers serious loads and might brake. Then we can send you a new part.

Please provide us with your tool model in order to sent you the correct part.

The tool model is the code you find on the back of your tool’s handle!

EXAMPLE – Turbo Decoder HU64 – that HU64 indicates the tool model.

We use SILCA key blank reference codes, any professional knows those codes. The HU 64 code indicates that the tool is made for Mercedes automobiles.

WE do not support, nor replace or repair ANY NON ORIGINAL DEVICES.

This ITEM is available for the ADVANCED TurboDecoder version!!