Turbo Decoder Service | Key Blade


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Turbo Decoder Service | Key Blade

The key blade is part of your Turbo Decoder. Each model of GENUINE TURBO DECODER has a different key profile and therefore has a different key blade as well.

Example: TURBO DECODER HU101 has profile HU101. This is engraved with laser on the back of your tool. HU101 is a SILCA KEY REFERENCE CODE and the professionals know that this key profile is SPECIFICALLY for the locks of FORD, RANGE ROVER, VOLVO and JAGUAR automobiles.

If you need to replace your key profiled blade, let us know exactly this code. We provide all models of TURBO DECODER key blades.

We do not support NON ORIGINAL tools as  Prodecoder, Q Decoder, Touch Decoder or any tool sold on Chinese websites as Alibaba or others with dubious origin!