Turbo Decoder HU66 2/6 VAG Professional


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Turbo Decoder HU66 2/6 VAG Professional

Turbo Decoder HU66 2/6 is an emblematic Turbo Decoder model for emergency unlocking and service of automotive door locks with profile HU66!
A large number of cars from the AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, SEAT, SKODA, PORSCHE series have the same profile. That is why this tool has become very popular among the locksmiths.

The decoder is designed to serve the second generation 2/6 of automotive locks installed from year 2004 till today.

Please read carefully the instructions for your tool!

Be careful when buying TURBO DECODERS as many companies have flooded the market with counterfeits and low-quality imitations!!


  1. TURBO DECODER KEY blade / LOCK PROFILE – for the different car models we use different key profiles such as HU64, HU66, HU83, HU92, HU100, HU100R, SIP22, TOY48, HY22, HU101.
  2. REFERENT LINES FOR CODE READING – on our tools you can read the mechanical key code of the opened lock thanks to the indicative code lines along the key blade.
  3. PINS – sliding pins in variable shapes which make the opening happen. The top pin line indicates the key code once the opening procedure is complete.
  4. PIN ACCESS BAR – activated through part 9 by pushing in or pulling out. Use to insert the decoder into the lock or extract it from the lock, to set up the tool or to read pins position.
  5. HOLOGRAM AUTHENTICITY STICKER WITH LUCKYLOCKS company logo, unique serial number and the web address of our factory shop.
  6. TENSION WHEEL – on this wheel the locksmith applies tension to the left or to the right during the opening procedure.
  7. STOP POINTS INDICATOR – important to follow the stop points in order to complete the opening procedure.
  8. TURBO DECODER ORIENTATION POINTS – on some models / hu66, hu92, / those points show you the direction in which you have to insert the turbo decoder. They are connected to the information gained from the ” TESTER KEY ” / HU66, HU92 ONLY /.
  9. PIN ACCESS ACTIVATOR WHEEL – RING – that ring is finger friendly. To grip it pull or push the PIN ACCESS WHEEL front or back.
  10. PUMP WHEEL – when this wheel is rotated to the left it activates parts which make PINS RISE. Notice the indicative line on this wheel – it is important to stop on 7 / stop points indicator/.

This tool is for legal use only!

If you have any questions about this product, then feel free to contact us.

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