Router Mini – remote key less go code grabber smart phone device

Device serves for testing of radio of the port in Smart Key keys. Device can store in memory to 4 keys.
We will apply to type keys : IdD4, Id94, Id98 (LC200, LX570, LS, Camry, Rav4, Prado, GX, RX, Venza, and so on). From 2006 to 2015.
Device consists:
– Re translator – for scanning and a signal transmission from Smart Key. Distance to smart key – from 0,5 to 8 meters . To start operation –
to turn on the device.
– Smartphone – control of the re translator. With the program for steering of a Re translator.

Control buttons:
Re translator:
Power button – for switching on and switching off of a supply.
Power LED – shows battery discharge.
Green LED – charging monitoring
Green LED – information transfer between the car and the Device.
Program 100% control of the device are realized.
– From 1 to 4 – storage cells 4 keys from 4 machines.
– Read LF – reading information on keys of this car (by means of a car pen contact).
– Read RF – search and reading information from a key (distance from 0,5 to 8 meters).
– Tag 1 – number of the found key
– 10 – number of the remained opening, closings (0 – number of attempts ended, required repeated scanning).
– L – Lock
– U – Unlock
– online – exists communication between the re translator and the smartphone.
– off line – is absent communication between the re translator and the smartphone.

Principle of operation:
– Re translator and the smartphone turn on. On the smartphone the program is launched.
– Re translator is brought to a car door and accurately undertakes the door pen.
– On the smartphone we click Read LF. In 2-6 seconds, we see read information on car keys. After reading, it automatically remains in
memory. Instruments can be switched off.
– Re translator goes to Smart Key key from this car.
– On the smartphone we click Read RF. In 2-6 seconds, we see information on a key. Re translator finds that key which before it was
считан from the car. It is confirmed by information on the smartphone (distance from the car not limited – 500 meters, 5 km, 5000km)
– after reading of information from the car and a key, we can switch off all instruments and include at any time. In memory will all
information is saved.
– for check of results. We turn on the re translator and the smartphone, beforehand having selected storage cell from 1 to 4 (in which
information for this car remained). We approach the car with the re translator (from 3 to 10 meters) and we include a command on the
smartphone to Unlock (U) or to Lock (L).