Atra Locksmith Tool DM Version


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Atra Locksmith Tool DM Version

Atra Locksmith Tool DM Version is one of the DM decoders by LuckyLocks. It can open ATRA DIERRE locks in just a few seconds.

The tension and decoder head are now assembled! The manipulation is now much easier to complete and the reproduction of a duplicate key is precise thanks to the new self-impressioning method. The tension part in the tool makes the opening procedure easy and friendly even to little experienced locksmiths.

This tool can also be used for LOCK TRAP models but some experience is a must!

The option to adjust the traction from the handle bolt is very useful. You can find this bolt at the back of the handle and then you can choose the correct pin traction. When the traction is high, the opening procedure is slow. Our advice is to give the pins resistance force bigger than the force of the plate returning spring. In this way you will avoid bypassing the code.

The operator can fix the pins in their actual position and can use the tool as a normal key!


THIS is not a FORCE TOOL! The opening procedure doesn’t require force but technique! The operator must use light tension at the beginning of the opening process.

In the set you will also receive:

transport box;

2 hex keys for regulation of the pin traction plus bolt for external pin adjustment;

graphite stick for lubrication;

6 spare pins.

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