CISA Cambio 3-5-3 classic decoder


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CISA Cambio 3-5-3 classic decoder

CISA Cambio 3-5-3 Locksmith Tool Classic is a classical self impression locksmith tool for double bit locks. This tool is one of the Luckylocks ® inventions.

With this tool you can open CISA 3-5-3 CAMBIO FACILE 4 turns, plus anti-pick models. The tool can also open external mounted Cisa locks where the plates are always facing inwards.

The LOCKSMITH TOOL model CLASSIC contains:
Set up key with handle and pins ready to use.
Tension tool Cisa for the chosen model.
Spare pins – 12 pcs.
Transport box.
Video instructions.

CISA Cambio 3-5-3 is a professional locksmith tool made by Luckylocks AD.

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