BMW Keyprog v.5.1 emergency start device


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BMW OBD-Prog  is a standalone device for electronic key registration on BMW vehicles (model years 2005-2014).Supported cars: E60, E65, E66, E70, E71, E81, E82, E87, E88, E90,
E91, E92, E93 with key authentication units CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+,
including SOPT and SOPT+ enabled mode.SOPT+ protective mode restrains access to data needed for key
registration. CAS unit reprogramming is required to bypass protection.
“BMW OBD-Prog” allows doing it in automatic mode.Attention! The device is not intended for illegal use.Key features and distinctionsCAS unit programming through OBD-II connector.SOPT enabled systems support (ISTA-P 39-42).NEW!!!!! SOPT+ enabled systems support (ISTA-P 43 -53 and above).Simple and convenient interface (no buttons, no complicated instructions).Fully automatic operation.Fast programming protocol (it takes 10-20 seconds for SOPT and earlier, 8 minutes for version SOPT+).Support for original keys (315, 433, 868 MHz) and PCF7936 transponder.Up to 10 key could be registered in one CAS unit. 11th key will be registered as first.Internet updates capability (by serial number request).DTC clear function*.ELV (steering wheel blocking) synchronization function*.Unblocking door locks, disabling alarm system*.Functions performed automatically.ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS:
Extra manual for versions of BMW-Keyprog 5.0 and 5.1 when working with CAS versions
beginning at 9.28 (ISTA 43) and above.
1. Connect device to OBD
2. Wait for TRIPLE repeating signals
3. Take a chip or a key and put it in the ring of the device and wait (the device will determine the
CAS version) when the device starts reprogramming the CAS. In doing so, we hear a FAST
repeating signal, then a SLOW beeps. Keep the key in the ring is not necessary and you can
remove it.
4. After about 7 minutes we will hear DOUBLE signals which means that you need to insert a
key or chip into the slot
5. Within a minute, we should wait for a SINGLE repeated signal, which means to press the