LuckyLocks DM decoder SECUREMME, SAB, METAL 3+3

LuckyLocks DM decoder SECUREMME, SAB, METAL 3+3
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LuckyLocks DM decoder for SECUREMME, SAB, METAL /BG / 2 or 4 TURNS


This locksmith double bit lock tool is made for fast and easy opening of Securemme, SAB, Metal lock models.

The lock has 6 plates in 3+3 order 2 or 4 turn secondary lock very common in Italy,Turkia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Romania Greece and other EU countries.

Tension is incorporated in the tool stick.

Pin traction is adjustable by operator thanks to our inovative system, the impressioning of the lock code is precise and the creation of mechanicaly key copy is possible!

The procedure is easy to apply. 

In the set you will recieve:
Transport box
2 hex keys for regulation of the pin traction plus bolt for external pin adjustment
graphite stick for lubrication
8 spare pins

Attention : 
This is not FORCE TOOL, please use it with caution.

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