Lucky Locks DM decoder CISA 3+3 external & safe models

Lucky Locks DM decoder CISA 3+3 external & safe models
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LuckyLocks DM decoder for Cisa 3+3, external mounted and safe locks


Luckylocks DM model for open CISA 3+3 plates. Locks can be 2 or 4 turns. Also this tool can open small safes wich use Cisa 3+3 locks . Tested also for external mounted CISA 4 turn lock for armored doors.

Attention - when the tool is use for safe opening the operator must drill one 4.5 - 5 mm hole in the central lock guide because the back cover of the safe is too close to the lock and te tool cant be inserted all the way in. Once the cover is drilled the tool work great. That drilled hole  doesnt dammage the lock or safe and the client can use it after the intervention as well.

In the set you will recieve:
Transport box
2 hex keys for regulation of the pin traction plus bolt for external pin adjustment
graphite stick for lubrication
6 spare pins

Attention : 
This is not FORCE TOOL, please use it with caution.


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