Abloy Protec pick decode tools by Luckylocks EU

Abloy Protec pick decoder tools by Luckylocks

One of the tools of the company LUCKYLOCKS AD, which caused a furor in the security sector, is the Abloy Protec Decoder.

Here's what the manufacturers said:

"All the "Abloy" products meet the highest standards of quality and protection. The Abloy Protec cylinder patent-protected by the company has unique features that distinguish it from competitive locking devices. It has the highest level of security and provides protection against all known ways of unauthorized entry. The Abloy Protec cylinder construction has a unique patent-protected disk technology.In the event of an attempt to manipulate the device and unlock with another key or tool, the movable elements block the discs and it is absolutely impossible to open it. The DBS™ Security System stops any attempt to manipulate discs individually in the cylinder by locking the discs as one solid system, thereby eliminating any attempts to manipulate or bypass the cylinder. The Abloy Protec cylinder`s operation involves the innovative technology related to its manufacturing process. 2R™ constitutes manufacturing system comprising cuts on two different radii. This system makes it impossible to produce key duplication without the Abloy Protec's specialized technique. The patent-protected system is one-of-a-kind and has great advantage with regard to any other locking devices placed on the market - locking is only possible through rotating disks without pins, springs or providing resistance to wear of internal parts. The absence of the aforementioned parts makes it impossible to open the cylinder by lock bumping technique or by other forcible entry methods. The lock profile of the cylinder is made of steel and is resistant to all type of loads. The patent-protected mechanism with rotating discs is not subject to break or wear, and therefore the cylinder turns out to be technically eternal. The Abloy Protec cylinder is resistant to extreme temperature conditions. Due to its excellent features and enhancements, this cylinder does not freeze and is resistant to contamination."

However, we have created a tool designed for direct decoding and unlocking all Abloy Protect models. Our method is applicable to all Protec Unique Key Profiles

That is the reason why our unlocking and decoding tool constitutes a master key tool.

Training for work with Abloy Decoder is required due to the great complexity of the discs` mechanisms set by the manufacturer!

Throughout the locksmith course you will be become thoroughly acquainted with the principle and operation features of the Abloy Disc Mechanism. You will be trained how to use our tool properly. For further details, please contact us

We offer service and spare parts for our locksmith's tools, including with regard to Abloy Protec decoder.

You assume full responsibility for any consequence associated with use of locksmiths for non-legitimate purposes!

Abloy Protec Decoder by Lucky Locks EU

Abloy Protec Decoder by Lucky Locks EU

INVENTED BY LUCKYLOCKS ®Unique locksmith tool which can open & decode ABLOY PROTEC locks!!Kit in..

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